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Recently, I have uncovered a desire to encourage beauty into the lives of women. However, while I love a good fashion blog, I want to encourage more than just beauty; I want to encourage Biblical beauty! While the fashion world and the Kingdom of God may seem like they are at odds, I believe the Lord can intertwine them in a beautiful way. This blog is designed to do just that. Here you will find the word of the Lord as well as some of my favorite style looks. We will uncover and inspire outward and inward beauty!

Dear friend, I pray that this blog may help you grow in your faith! I pray that you will be encouraged to feel beautiful in your own skin, the way God intended & I pray that you will be encouraged so that you might encourage others.

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5 thoughts on “{Welcome}

  1. Thank you for your visit! Good luck with your idea here. The beauty of women in today’s world changes often. But the beauty of a woman in the eyes of God remains the same…always! Good for you to look at ways you can tie the two worlds together!


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